The purpose of the ONGA is for the mutual benefit of farmers, nut growers, agriculturalists, horticulturalists, and others. To promote the demand for and the sale of nuts and nut products. To provide educational, scientific, tree grafting, pollination, marketing and other information to members.
The Ohio Nut Growers was started in 1941 when Sterling and Mary Smith of Vermilion, Ohio invited Ohio members of the Northern Nut Growers Association to meet in their home in August of that year. They met as an Ohio group because gas rationing prohibited them from going out-of-state to national meetings.
Sterling Smith was the first chairman or president of the group and presided over the first meetings. The group's fourth Annual meeting was held in August, 1945, and the group was then known as the Northern Ohio Nut Growers Association. By March of 1949, the group was know as Ohio Nut Growers Association and Incorporated as non-profit in 1979.