October 2, 2013 to November 3, 2013
Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays 12:00 Noon till 6:00 PM
Other days and times are availabe for large amounts (a full truck load or more) by appointment only.

Hammons Products has not yet set the 2013 price for buying Black Walnuts this year.
Check back soon.

It's easy to turn Black Walnuts into cash
First, you pick up the black walnuts from your yard, pasture or anyplace you have permission.
Next, you bring bags, buckets or truckloads of black walnuts - still in their hull - to:

Nut N' Horse Farms
Joe Hietter
6475 Refugee Rd SW
Pataskala, OH 43062
(614) 218-4529

At the hulling location, the outer hulls are removed and you will be paid for the in-shell nut weight.
It's that simple!
On average, the amount paid for a 5 gallon bucket of Black Walnuts with hulls is about 70 cents to $1.00. A full size pickup is about $60.00 to $100.00.

Black Walnut in Tree

Nut Wizard

We also have the large Holt's Nut Wizard available to help pick up the nuts without bending over. This is a real back saver and picks up the nuts at a rapid pace.

Just roll the Nut Wizard over the nuts and they pop into the basket. When full, the Nut Wizard easily empties into a five gallon bucket. The Nut Wizard can be purchased at our buying location or delivered.

Loacation Map

The exit from I-70 to State Route 158 is closed. Instead, take the exit for State Route 310 (4 miles west of 158) and travel north 1/2 mile to Route 40. Turn right on 40 and go east 3 miles to York Rd. Turn left on York Rd and go north 1/2 mile to Refugee Rd SW. Turn right on Refugee Rd SW and go east 1/2 mile to 6475 Refugee Rd SW. North side of road.
For the latest updates to this page and current buying prices go to: www.ohionut.com